Attention Perth Knitters

I am thinking of Starting a Stitch and Bitch in Subiaco or Claremont. If anyone is interested can they please email me and if we get numbers we can then arrange time and place.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Birthday Yarn Porn

On Saturday I will be 30. Happy Birthday me!!
as a present to myself I ordered some zen garden yarn from Knitting Inspirations. It is in the merino/seacell yarn and is a special aussie wildflower colourway. This one is Mottlecah. (the other one is on back order).

Anyway, it arrived today and tonight at my early birthday dinner, my sister (who is away on the weekend) and her husband gave me my pressie- a new camera!!! I am soo excited. It is a canon digital ixus 950IS with image stabaliser and all that jazz but now look at my new yarn porn photos- they are soo much better! So happy birthday me (and thanks sis!)

Friday, November 09, 2007


Just in time for YPF, a package gets delivered. It is the first month of the Yarn Collective's Sock Club, a new Aussie based sock club (that is also pay by month!)

What a great start, yummy yarn, a beautiful stitch marker from monsterknits and organic CHOCOLATE (not pictured as in fridge getting ready to be eaten) The second photo shows the colours better. Such a pretty spring colourway (cherry pie is its name) and the best part- its labeled batch #1. Whoo hoo. Now I just wait for the knitpicks needles to arrive and it will be cast on, I am thinking embossed leaves.

PS: Dear Blogstalkers, sorry for the lack of content but as assignments, exams and illness are all apparent this last month the completion of even 2 rows of knitting a sock a night have been hard to accomplish. However after exams it will return to schedule (before taking a break when i go to egypt!!!!!!)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

For My Swappee

Opps- My Bad!

Ok here are the photos, my fav cup, my one cup coffee plunger and my normal coffee plunger- I think its about a 4 cup one. I also own a giant party sized one but rarely use it.

ps: the funky ruler is from Mt. Buller ski shop from according to the back when I was in year 7! I can't believe its still around.

Friday, November 02, 2007

I have been Knitting

Clue 4
Clue 4,
originally uploaded by westozcaat.
...But not much. Due to illness, delayed assignments now needing to be done, and upcoming exams this blog will be pretty empty till after my birthday (yep I am 30 on the 24th I know ages away still)
so what is on my needles

1) Secret of the Stole - Clue 4 Complete (see pic)
2) Mystic Waters Shawl - Clue 1, Chart A Complete, Up to Row 94 Chart B
3) MS3- no further progress (Still not started Clue 6)

1) September/October Mystery Socks from Ravelry- Just up to ribbing on front on sock 1- completed 4 rows in the last week (huge!)
2) November Mystery Sock from Ravelry- Clue Week 1 (Cuff) - One done
3) Horcrux Socks- Still in Hibernation
4) Theolonius- Still in Hibernation

Jumpers (Sweaters)
1) Cover Jumper from Interweave Summer 07- Still in Hibernation. Have done back and 3/4 front but still not sure about it as it is aran weight cotton, and therefore heavy. Thinking will frog and offer yarn for destash. If interested it is 6-7ish balls of Jo Sharp Aran Desert Cotton in Solstice (off white)

Back Soon I promise

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Can Anyone Help

I am looking for the Fall 07 issues of both Knitscene and Knit 1. Neither have appeared in Australia. Any help will be appreciated and rewarded in some way :)

In news, I have been very ill for the last 3 weeks (not counting the surgery, which went well and was caught in time. The doc said had we not had health insurance by the time i got to the top of the waiting list it would of been cancer, so thank god for private health insurance!) No I have been very dizzy, lethargic, nauseas, and can't even knit! so no real progress on anthing- just a few rows a night have been all I can manage. However we are taking copius amounts of blood, and have ruled out diabetes, thyroid, iron, b12, salt and about half a dozen others so are still searching. however, I am positive it will all be ok in the end.

Ciao for now (must go sleep)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogstalking 2: Statues

originally uploaded by westozcaat.
When I was in Europe in 05/06 I found out that the Europeans LOVE their statues. Especially ones of people on horses looking triumphant over some sort of adversity, Now we all know what they look like, so I didn't post one here (though I have plenty of them). Instead I would like to show you what the main shopping street of Prague looked like when I visited. I am not sure but I think this is a permanant exhibition of strange street art. Every 100m or so was another very different type of installation. This was my favourite. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Am I Worth

Dead.................... stolen from Ceallach

$6325.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

as for knitting, the following are being worked on (not including hiatus projects)
1) MS3 Stole (still, up to Clue 6, Chart I)
2) Secret of the Stole (Clue one done, awaiting clue 2)
3) Maia's Mystery Sock, Scheherazade's Slipper (on ravelry)- sock one done up to clues given. I did mod this one, as I cannot do the toe-up easy cast on (its too hard) I do a crochet cast on, decrease down the back, increase with patterning up the front, pick up the stitches at 30 per needle and off I go. It hasn't altered the pattern much at all, and its do-able.
4) Sideways Ribbed Baby Jacket, from Cleckheaton. Must finish and iron flat so the ribbing expands and it will actually fit the baby (good thing I did the 6-month size)
I think thats enough to keep me occupied for now.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow Closeup
Black Rainbow Closeup,
originally uploaded by westozcaat.
Yumm just look at this yarn.
Isn't it just sooo pretty. I think so.
It is 100g of Black Rainbow sock yarn from Irene at

thanks Irene!!

full photo on flickr

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Socktopia August Mystery Socks Done

Whoo hoo
After finally getting the toe instructions (damn blogger) I finished these off tonight. They are great- I love them. Thanks MommaMonkey.

Blogstalking 2: Week 2: Purse Guts

I'm behind already. Oops' blame it on bad ex-boyfriends and MS3 knitting. I am finally up to the wing, well on chart H! whoo hoo. I really want to get this done and start the other 2 mystery stoles I am doing.

So here is the purse. Its my faithful red one from when I was in Japan. I love this purse. And in it, everything from a cardigan, a book just purchased, makeup, lots of pills, ipod, knitting, etc etc etc.... (Once again how true is it that a picture tells 1000 words).

And check out these little wire guys. They were a gift from my friend who just spent 2 weeks in Namibia- so cute.

Thanks all for the kind words about asshole ex. Everyone (even my grandmother) is glad he is finally out of the picture so it is for the best.

Next challenge: Mystery Sock Toes.

Blogstalking 2: Week 2: Purse Guts

Friday, September 28, 2007

Why Men Suck*

Why men suck* or My Ex is an Asshole

*all except Ed who reads knitting blogs and is a blogstalker, so must be cool, though I don't get his thing for guns.

so this is how the story goes... we haven't been really seeing each other much over the last few months since he got back from his trip to the philipnes (that I was meant to go on)- to be exact- 3 times since august. So something is up. I thought he just was too easy going and really couldn't give a s*#T about wether he saw me or not. So I thought letting him go would be the easy option. I thought it would be easy as I had hardly seen him and didn't think it would be a problem.

So Wednesday, the following text conversation ensures:

Him: hi babe hows the studies going

Me: good but we need to talk

Him: about

Me: us

Him: when

Me: fri at pub at 6

ok no problems there

so then friday comes around. I am feeling sick about doing this btw, almost physically sick, I hate this cause deep down I still really like him.

So I get there at 6 on the dot. 10 past he is not there. I run (in the car) home.

20 past the following text exchange occurs

Him: where r u

me: u didnt show so i left

him: in front beer garden

me: come here instead

him: no neutral ground better

me: u dont have to come inside i have stuff in the oven

him: no here

so i ring: why dont u come here, he says no, i say i guess you know why i want to talk anyway, he says well it was over for me since u said u were not coming with me to phillipines (that was in MAY) , me- why didnt u say something, him- i thought it could work but it hasnt, me- well you should of said something earlier, him- yeh well

me- well i have your t-shirt, i shall stick it in the letterbox and you can pick it up, him- keep it. me - fine (hang up)


i was almst in tears. how could he be such a prick to let me hanging for so long, being mad and upset almost every week when i didnt hear from him for 5 months. ASSHOLE. but i have had chips and chocolate now so i feel a little better. ranting helps too.

thanks for listening. it all helps

purse guts tomorrow i promise.

And I finally finished the Breeze socks, and the socktopia ones are waiting for the toes.
No offence Monkey Mamma I have the upmost respect for you and I love your patterns, but the organisation of the suprise pattern has not been great. It is really disapointing when you post on your blog but not able to post on the socktopia one, so we can finish the pattern. Please dont take this the wrong way but maybe next time parts could be set up to automatically post each week so your loyal fans could get their fix faster.

So if anyone out there knows any cute, 30-odd, financially secure, nice, sexy, funny, sweet men- send them my way :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007


originally uploaded by westozcaat.
As promised...
The reskeined Knitpicks Bare dyed yesterday with food colouring in the crockpot.
I am happy with it. Now it is ready to be admired till a suitable pattern found!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yarn, Dye and Help Please

I slipped, yep thats right I bought yarn. And needles, but mainly yarn.

Enough (i hope) for a top. Its new in Australia- I grabbed it right off the counter as they were unpacking it!! Its Cleckheaton Bamboo. $3.95 a ball - see why I grabbed.

the only trouble is that it is 4ply. So if anyone knows of any patterns for 4ply yarn similar to the Brioche Bodice your help would be appreciated. Greatly.

I also bought some Colinette Jitterbug. The LYS only had 4 colourways and this was my favourite of those available- Castagna. The only problem- it was $30 a skein. That for me is too much. But it will be fondled for all its expensive worth.

This weekend also bought about the great dye trial (part 2)

I have to say I am not getting much better. There are still alot of light patches where the yarn did not go through. But I do like it. Here it is cooking the 2nd lot (the blue dye.) The other one was black dye which had a lot of blue in it as well.

I think if I was to redo this I would dye it all blue first, then overdye the black.

But we shall see tomorrow how it all turns out.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blogstalking 2: The Re-Awakening

Well its back and its bigger than Ben Hur.

I loved this last year- it gave me heaps of blogs to add to bloglines and lots of comments (yes I am proud to be a comment whore!)

so now I go to add all this years participants to my bloglines list and hope they do the same to me.

The first week is who am I? well as the saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words? This is me- Student, Knitter, Blogger, Computer Geek.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is why you have health insurance...

Up until this year I had not had a pap smear in 8 years. Why, well my first experience was so horrible it scarred me for life- i still shudder to this day when thinking about it.

Two things made me have one this year, a friend having cervical cancer and having her cervix out at the ripe old age of 27 and bezzies promise of yarn (still waiting to win!!)

So I did.

The first one came back with a slight abnormality- no biggie, lets wait 3 months and see what happens.

The second one said it was a little less slight- ok lets make a specialist appointment.
(Pulling some strings) got an appointment for a months time.

Fast forward to today......
The specialist.
There is a problem there. It is a pre-cancer growth. It is NOT cancer. It is what will grow up to be cancer if left untreated.

The surgery (local or general knockout- i choose general) will take place either on the 26/9 or 3/10.

This is why I pay all that money to my private health insurance company.

I hate hospitals and needles and surgery but i will suffer one day in exchange for the rest of my life.

Sorry no knitting content today, the socks are growing and the baby jacket is at the 45% mark.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sorry for the lack of postings- its due to assignment hell. I am not enjoing the current units and its showing- procrastination is the order of the day. Not much knitting either.

Regular knitting updates back soon....

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Heel One, Sock One- Done

Heel One, Sock One- Done
Heel One, Sock One- Done,
originally uploaded by westozcaat.
Did I mention I really like this pattern!!

Monday, August 27, 2007


originally uploaded by westozcaat.

umm yeh...


edit: Its ok- I managed to fix it and it is all nice and in a ball now. As to what happened- well I reskeined the unraveled WIP, soaked it for 5 min, rolled it in a towel, went to hang it out to drip dry, saw the beginnings of this, tried to fix it and WHAM- as Libi commented- instant yarn crime scene.

And on the next day She Frogged

Today I bit the bullet and frogged a whole heap of UFO's.

Mainly socks that I have done in either A) the wrong yarn, B) the wrong size C) lost the mojo.

So what went: The nancy bush one sock with the anticraft vinnland mate- Both these I made just for fun- they are 2 thick for me, in future- i shall use this yarn on larger needles.

Millicent- as seen in the archives, this was done on baby yarn, wrong choice, and I forgot about negative ease and made them too big. So now- well I have lots of new sock yarn which is heading that way. I will be trying this pattern again.

German Stocking- stuffed up the chart and again the same yarn as millicent- I think cookieA's patterns need proper sock yarn- not grignasco bambi- stunning fingering 100% merino fine yarn.

A Crochet Dinasour: After breaking 2 chrochet hooks on this I am getting the feeling of while I love looking at aragumi it is not my thing.

And lastly a picture. It rained alot yesterday and as I was driving along I saw a double rainbow. You can only just see it- it was very faint, and it is a camera phone photo.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Haircut- Unsure and Swap Thanks

A big thanks to Sandra from the Knittyboard, who swapped some yarn with me. It is even better than the picture shows, especially since I thought I was only getting 2 balls and she sent 3!!!! and she sent lollies- which are in the course of being demolished!

Also I had my hair cut today and am just not sure about it. What do you think?

yes that is the recently finished Kate Gilbert Slanted Neck Pullover I am wearing!

Im In Im In

Whoo hoo
I got it
My ravelry invite of course

now to go play-

I am westozcaat on there too
please add me, atm I have no friends!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Clue 2 Finished

Clue 2 Finished
Clue 2 Finished,
originally uploaded by westozcaat.
I finished off the second leg this morning- so we are eagerly awaiting the next heel installment of the sock-along. Its a great and easy pattern- I recommend it to anyone who is beginning lace socks or who wants an easy knit.

In other lace news I still am up in the air about wether to finish the mystery stole as written, or to do the symmetrical stole. by repeating the clues again and knitting on the centre panel.

Any thoughts?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Rut-Busting Sock Swap" the goodies

I cant seem to blog properly today- its driving me nuts.

Well this is the amazing haul I got from my sp- the great disney bag it came in is on flicka- if anyone can tell me how to get more than one photo in i would be grateful.

Also on flicka- the leg of the socktopia mystery sock.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Green Jumper Finished

I finally finished my Tour De France jumper.

It is the Slanted Neck Pullover by Kate Gilbert from the Spring 07 IK, in the 38.5" size.
I have used the Lang Yarns Merino Superwash in a dark olive colour.
I made no mods, though now I have it on I should of made it a bit longer so it wouldn't ride up and expose the unwanted tummy region.

I also should of reknit the collar as it is not as perfect as I would of hoped, but it will do. Also even though I was sure it was a one-to-one ratio with the sleeves to armhole numbers, it ended up more a three-to-two so the sleeve seaming is not great. My seaming is slowly improving.

However, it is yummy and comfy and hopefully the temperature will drop to proper jumper weather rather than light-weight jumper weather. I love the way the ribbing goes all the way to the sleeves when joined and also how the ribbing hides all those nasty seaming mistakes.

On all, a 10/10 for love of yarn, a 8/10 for FO, and a 70% probability I shall actually wear it (which also is a new thing for me!)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Just in Time for YPF!!

Mail! Whoo hoo and a visit to a small craft fair, where for once in my life I picked up some locally made yarn and buttons. Also the secret package arrived but I can't post it as it is the yarn for my knittyboard Rut busting sock pal.

But onto the Yarn porn!
First up: A purchase from Whilst it isn't the highest quality or as well spun as the zepher- 850yds for $6 (US) is still a good bargin. I got 3 skeins of emerald green.

Next the haul from the craft fair: Baby buttons for baby cardigans, hand made wood buttons from Chunky Timber and yarn from WA's own majestic merino. ($13 Aus for 100g/198m) not bad. I bought 3 skiens for the fitted knits shrug, in yes again green and grey.

And last but not least, my charity haul. No I didn't pick it up, I gave it away. Yep all these handknitted goodies (plus more) went off to Save the Children. Good Karma restored!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Suprise!! Feelings....

Its Here!!!

I can finally join the baby suprise gang with my pattern from the Bead and Opal Wool Queen arriving. And I was bad- I added to my sock stash with some opal feelings- they will be knee-highs (one day!) Right now, they will be a nice stash addition.

Yeah me!

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Tour Endith

Well the Tour De France is over for another year. And so is the KAL knitting. Whilst I had to pull a 'robbie' and abandon the sprinters jersey halfway through the final stretch, I still consider that I conquered the mountain jersey- so 1 out of 2 isn't bad.

It was a great KAL with a well run site so kudos to Meg and Debbie!

Photos when I find the camera!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tour Wildcard Complete

Update de Tour

well as announced earlier in the week, the green jumper was temporarily replaced by a wildcard speed entrant- a baby shrug- by debbie bliss in the cashmerino aran. All i can say about this yarn is YUMMMM i want a whole jumper in it for me!!

Cast on Monday, Cast off Thursday. Nice and quick, and oh so cute.

As for the mountain MS3, it was finished, about an hour ago so am interupting the stage 11 viewing to post it here for ohhh's and ahhh's. It is getting really pretty!

(sorry bad photo)

So now, back to casting on the front for the green jumper- alot of sprint knitting to do over this flat!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

WIP Update

Well all socks are on hold this week as the Tour De France Kal takes front and centre. (Although I did finish the other bootee!)

On Friday night (stage 6) I finished Clue 2 of the Mystery Stole- so my mountain 'goal' is on track.

Last night with the first mountain stage (stage 7) I actually got to watch most of the stage live, which for WA is a big change as normally our coverage starts 2 hours after the eastern states (like for tonight- which sucks cause it is a great stage!)

So, the back of the Olive Kate Gilbert jumper was completed- leaving my green sprinter classification on track as well.

I find these Kal's help me really motor along with jumpers- the only other one I actually finished last year was the olympic KAL jumper, so I think I need the pressure of a finish date to help me knit all that stocking stitch.

Tonight seeing it is an exciting stage, I will be casting on the front, as I think mountains and lace spell frogging and reknitting!!

As for other news, my unclaimed (spell not quite up to scratch) baby knits - including the stuffed hedgehog, teddy-bears, socks, bootees and hats (about 10 'items') so far are all being donated to charity- the Save the Children charity here in Western Australia. So that makes me feel good, to know that some disadvantaged kids and babies are going to have some top-line yarn, hand knitted goodies to keep them warm- not scratchy acrylic!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tour De France KAL Progress

Jumper Progress
Jumper Progress,
originally uploaded by westozcaat.
With the start of Stage 4 tonight it is time to post a progress report. The Kate Gilbert Olive (for the green jersey) jumper is going nicely, have finished the armhole shaping on the back and am about to start on the armholes. I finally gathered momentum to start the mystery stole 2nd clue today and aim t have 25 rows done by the end of tonights stage.

The SSS is going well. I turned my first widdershins heel the other day- using the anticrafts vinnland pattern, and am about to work on the leg. In the cookieA thelonious sock I am also about to turn the heel although from the cuff down!

FInally I am having problems seeing any photos that are based in flika- both mine or other peoples- anyone else having that problem? anyone know how to fix it?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Clue One Done

Clue One Done
Clue One Done,
originally uploaded by westozcaat.
Just in Time clue one is done- can you spot the mistake.

Also check out the oh my god cute baby bootees on my flika account!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Clue One, Chart A Complete

Clue One, Chart A Complete
Clue One, Chart A Complete,
originally uploaded by westozcaat.
Well its that time of the year again- yep mystery shawl time.

This year I have gone all out and actually ordered the lace yarn. Whoo hoo.

So here it is in its infancy- Chart A of Clue one done. I have the rest of the week to do chart B- aiming for 10 Rows a day.

Wish me luck

Friday, June 29, 2007


originally uploaded by westozcaat.
The grey yarn overdyed blue- I haven't figured out how to post more than one picture at a time with flika but the other dyeing images are in my Hand Dyd set on flika.

Dye me!

Dyed in Skein
Dyed in Skein,
originally uploaded by westozcaat.
I tried some hand dying the other day and here are the results- I am not worried at the poorness (is that a word) of the attempt I actually quite like it. The overdye lot of the grey wool didn't work out as planned- I wanted it all one colour- It didn't cook evenly so came out varigated but again I quite like the result.

I don't think I shall turn pro but it was fun!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Op Shop Needles

I made a great find today

some old fashioned metal aero dpns (and one straight) from a pile of needles in an op shop. I love small needles (not the 15cm but about 20cm) and found the following: 2.25 dpns (4) in 22cm, 3mm dpn's (4) in 17cm, 3.25cm straights in 17cm, 3.25 cm dpns (4) in 22cm (3 needles in 22 and one in 17cm- they are op shop!!) , 4mm dpns 2 pairs- one in 17cm and one in 22cm.

They are a bit mismatched- some needles are slightly (1cm) longer than others but heh for AUS $10 for 6 pairs i am not complaining.

Ohhh and my zephyr arrived today- in a lovely light pewter colour !! whoo hoo happy mail day!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Exams Are Over

Whoo Hoo

exams are done! yes they were awful. So bad in fact that the only knitting I got done was some baby socks for friends to give other friends babies.

So this week its all about the knitting- 1st project is to finish the 1st sock of the nancy bush chalet sock, then the 2nd sidewinder, the 1st german stocking (which has to be frogged for 2 inches), then the 1st theolonus or however you say it (sorry cookie a- yes its that pattern from her) and by then the lace for my mystery stole should be here and that then goes on the needles. My aim for this holiday is to have SSS arriving on all 4 pairs of socks that I have on the go, a finished jumper and a stole.

Not much really!!!

ok photo time: 4 pairs of baby socks from debbie bliss simply socks, mainly done in lang merino 150, the bright one is the leftover zarina from the sock in the earlier post, and the coloured accent is the (hope it is) leftovers from the nancy bush sock, which is being done in STR scottish highlands. The one that looks all white is actually pink with white accents and the other one is white with lilac accents. I love this pattern- can't you tell. They are all the middle pattern done on 3mm needles- I think it gives a better fabric than the called for 3.25mm needles.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Exams are not fun

Have ya missed me?

I hate exams! Well haven't been doing much except studing- and exams. Yuk

Anyway you want the knitting! I finished, but forgot to take a picture of the lace-edged baby cardigan- the mum loved it and said it will be used for the babys christening in september- can't think of a higher compliment than that. Also made a little earflap hat from the new DB Soho yarn- pink of course. It was so quick! I was at the yarn shop buying the pattern at 2pm and it was made and gift ready at 5pm! Whoo hoo I see many more in the future. I would go up a needle size though. Its a paid pattern from my LYS so I can't tell you it here! its a secret hehe!

Also have been knitting the sindwinders with nona- a great pattern but I stuffed up. I got the wrong gauge- yes I did a swatch. But i must of tightened up during the cause of the knitting- so either I do the next one with the larger width, or use a thicker yarn on the 2.75mm needles. I didn't like the fabric the swatch made on the 3mm needles.

In other news, I have joined the mystery stole along 3. I never finished the other one but am going to do this properly. I am getting some Jaggerspun Zephyr from Sarah's yarns - who are AUS$20 CHEAPER than the only aussie supplier- and that includes shipping!!! I aslo went to get some needles today to find that.... my LYS is getting in ADDI LACE NEEDLES!!! whoo hoo, so I have but my name down for them. When everything arrives its, pick the beads and we are off.

I currently have 4 other socks on the needles and now 2 single socks so I am going to abandon all of that, cast on some baby booties and do a little more on my jumper.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yarn Porn Tuesday

I know its not friday but another yummy skein of yarn from an Australian supplier made its way into my hands today. Its sock yarn (of course) from That Spinning Place in the colourway "Camel Rides on the Beach". I love that name. The blue is more turquoise in RL but oh my, I do love it


Also I started a pair of jaywalkers but can hardly get them over my ankle- is this normal or do I need to rip and make the larger size?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I couldn't resist....

You can only stare at it for so long before tempation takes hold!

Yep the sea life skein is now a yarn ball- and I even knitted up a swatch. It was yummy. The cashmere made it soo soft and comfy on the hands. I can't wait to knit these up. Now to find a pattern....