Attention Perth Knitters

I am thinking of Starting a Stitch and Bitch in Subiaco or Claremont. If anyone is interested can they please email me and if we get numbers we can then arrange time and place.



Monday, July 31, 2006

Project Colourswap

I hate it when u type and type and then blogger looses everything.

So this is a small mini-version of what i just wrote.

I am in project colourswap!! Yeh- they needed one more international swapper and I got it. Whoo hoo.

I am also doing an aussie based lace swap- here if you want in but hurry its about to close....

Back off to uni today- wow i can be a starving student again.

Friday, July 28, 2006

stalking along

In the blog-stalking-thread I belong to (we really need a button with the slogan "I Stalk, therefore I Am!"...) the category this weekend is art.

So in the strangest category we have this. A colour correct shot and a better angle shot. If you can tell me what it is great- I haven't a clue. It currently resides in the guest bathroom.

And now for interval with a semi-arty photo of a flower mum was given that had just bloomed.

In the favourite category we have the collection of Fornasetti plates that form the wall art in our kitchen. Mum is about to add two more to the collection. They are not cheap so only get added to every few years. One day she would like about as many as she can get, but will settle for 3 rows of 9 as the kitchen couldn't handle any more.

And the obligatory dog photo...

In knitting news I have been not doing much but have managed to almost finish clue 1 of the mystery stole (both sides) and whilst it looks funny in grey sock yarn it is good practice for me.

I have half a lornas lace sock, and have chosen my sock for the Mystery Sock KAL. The somewhat cowl has been put on hold... for now

Monday, July 24, 2006

Net Dating 201

More from the frenchasshole:
sent this evening-

Him: Subject: talk abt u to my australian friends, they said : she is a joke! it right ? (No body in msg)

Hi vince, in reply to your email i am not a joke. In fairness she was proberly trying to make you feel better. Though I must add the following.

I was going to send you an email, but was trying to think and compose something thoughtful. Which is why I hadn't replied in two days. I even stated on my profile that it takes me a while to reply to emails.

However due to your lack of consideration for me and the lack of thought you have shown me I think that it would be better if you didn't contact me again. Good Luck in your search on RSVP.


Ahhh where would we be without people like this in the world LOL!
hopefully this will be the end of this saga!

and just in from after posting this:

Subject: from the genuine man

my friends, my australian friends,she , he and they ...not only one person...not only "she"....nobody tried or try to make me feel better.u just showed me no interests, no polite, no time to respond to emails..then dont try to date then...if u have no time to give to someone in yr my friends girlfriends said : " us , aussie women/girls we r very independant and selfish and materialistic." so they said u r a joke...i dont know u . i dont want know u , u shown too lack interests...




Today's Want

Today's Want is two-fold

I want to find some regia mini-regals in Australia.

I also want some coilless safety pins. I have one. Which is great but not when I have 3 socks as WIP's.

Thankyou for listening to this community service announcement.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Funny Photo Again

Well today is 'Shoot the Freezer Day'

So in the grand tradition of knittyheads before me......

I present- My freezer! (Do remember I live with my parents) (yes I know I should be out by now- i'm working on it except yarn shopping keeps eating away into my savings!)

And behind Door No 1: The meat and alcohol shelf (Door 2 is just more meat- Mum bought a whole side of lamb recently and it is overflowing in the freezer!) The alcohol is from left to right: Citronella, Bombay Saphire Gin, Vodka (behind meat) and 2 more Citronella's, homemade, and bought in Italy!

Hmmm- Green Tea Icecream- not sure about my mothers taste...

And just cause I can... a pic of Skeeta- my baby (who is 8!)

In knitting news I had to frog the entire mystery stole, so it is back to the drawing board for that one. Also haven't been doing much as had date number 2 (thurs) and 3 (sat) with the new guy! Very interested and hopefully it will last more than the last one (which isnt hard being 3 weeks!)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Overblocking 101

Hi all - todays lesson is in the powers of blocking- or why not to overblock. See the pretty perdita's below- all are size small- yes even the black one. I think i overblocked :)!!

I really like the black one though so I am making another one with 2 less repeats, so hopefully when it blocks- it will be the same size as the others!

Now in honour of Turtlegirl's really bad online-dating story I am going to post my own here. (No its not about the guy I had a date with on Sat- that went REALLY well)

This is about Mr FrenchAsshole.
For ages we had been sending 'kisses' (non-paying contacts) back and forth so I presumed he had no 'stamps' to send emails. So feeling curious I sent him an email and the following exchange ensured. (Note the dates of the emails)

16/7 me: hi vince- finally got some stamps and thought i would say hello. if you want to know more about me ask away, feel free to email me @-

one arrived on the gmail account that night but i have since deleted it and cannot find it. rsvp keeps a copy of emails for 6 months hence i can get these.

18/7 him: How r u ?
dont know u receive my email on yr courant email address.maybe u r not really interested to know me better in fact.well hope u r well and safe.
take care

19/7 him: next time find someone else to play with. u have not courtesy and its impolite to even not respond by one word ! who do u think u r ?

19/7 me: hello vince
I have no doubt in my mind now about not engaging in further conversation from you. It has only been two days since your first reply. A true gentleman would allow at least a week before stating the accusations you have stated. As a matter of fact I am interstate at the moment and this is the first chance I have had to check my email, but am grateful you reveiled your characteristics.
I would prefer not to hear back from you.

and what i recieved this morning obviously sent last night:

19/7 him: blablablablbalbalbalbla oh u replied...its a miracle...wait a week for get a reply ??? what do u think i am ? u r a player....i understand why u r single now.
good nite


19/7 him: Please leave me alone. please.u r not interested in meeting ppl or making any interests in them . please give up.


19/7 him: All this cinema in sending kisses to me every fucking days/weeks. harrass me with that and yr games. and now , i can see u r silent and playing games,as u cant communicated and leave "one word" as u logged on often....this is not fair...
Good bye

so there u have it, apparantly one email equals harrassment. and 3 kisses sent over 6 months also equals harrassment. lol what an idiot. All i can say is glad i found out now before i actually met the guy.

So turtlegirl- don't feel alone, we all get idiots through these dating sites- hopefully u will find someone worthy of a second date- i have!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kate Kan Knit

Today's want-

I want to try blue moon's socks that rock. (n/a in aus.)


My Obituary


'What will your obituary say?' at


ps: the date went really really well!!!!!!!!
pps: banana- thread/bead combos for perdita more than welcome!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Photo Heavy

This wierd and wonderful post is bought to you by the letter- "Blog-Stalking Knittyheads".

I finally opened my closet and took a pic of some shoes. Keep in mind these are my every-day shoes. I have another 100 odd pair in boxes up the top of cupboards that i cannot throw out- just call me Imelda!

After that it was time to spin around and shoot the main feature of the room- an un-made bed. Now I did warn my fellow stalkers that I have no 'under' to shoot. Want proof- here it is.

See no room (oh yes and those are hand made socks lying messily next to the bed.

In Knitting news- I have made 2 perdita's- no photos sorry they were gifts and have gone to their new homes.

I have 2 pairs of socks on hold.

The Somewhat Cowl has been abandoned this week due to fasination with Perdita, but will be picked back up after another 3 or so Perdita's have been knitted.

The Flower Basket Shawl yarn has been wound into the World's Biggest Ball of 4-ply, and once the mystery stole is over will be cast-on.

The rockstar cardigan is awaiting another swatching.

The mystery stole is 22 rows in and looking rather heavy. I am not sure I should not reknit this with the coffee merino I had planned for icarus (see further down the page somewhere)? any comments/suggestions (the wool btw is patons patonyle - a 4-ply sock yarn on 3.75mm needles).

Well thats all for today - no knitting tonite I have a blind date. Have a good weekend.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Funny Photo

Well in honour of finishing one project and only having 3 on the needles at the moment I today did some swatches for some shawls. Am going to finally use the fibretrends 4ply not for 700m worth of socks but for knitty's ella by Wendy Wonnacott! Only it will be knit in 5.5mm needles in order to get the gauge.

Also I swatched and blocked Icarus (Summer 06 IK). Hence the funny photo. Whilst not exactly getting gauge (got rows- not sts) am not really worried cause a) its a shawl and b) there is 1500 m in a skein.

Blocking in the bathroom.

Swatch close-up

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Well with 29 hours to go..........................

I finished!!!!!!!!!

Thats right, I won the world cup. I didn't think I would make it, but I did. Thanks to yarn-monkey and the lure of entry into the stash draw I did. I am soo proud of myself! I knit a jumper in a month. It is a bit big, and I overcompensated with my bind-off but hopefully a wash will fix all that. (I BO with a needle 3 sizes bigger and using a k2tog back loop method) as i am a tight knitter and always bind off too loosely. But anyway back to patting myself on the back :)

Oh yeh- heres the pic!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sports Knitting

Well on day 2 of the Tour de France, Robbie McEwen (Aussie) came second in the sprint and I finished turning the heel of my first footlet. I am making a few changes to the pattern, am using only one strand for the heel instead of two, and cast on using a tubular cast on with 10 rounds of 1x1 rib. I like the pattern on the heel and it makes it a bit more exciting to knit than the usual plain sock knitting.

In soccer news, with 7 days left in the competition, I have finally finished the first sleeve. I hope to have the 2nd sleeve finished by wednesday, seemed by friday and finished by end of play sunday!

well thats the playbook anyway- wish me luck.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sucker For Punishment

Someone tell me to stop! Please. I am a sucker for punishment. As well as lagging in my world cup bid (still on sleeve no.1), I have cast on the somewhat cowl and am casting on the IK padded footlets tonight for the Tour De France knitalong on the knittyboard. Am I crazy or what?

The rockstar is still in swatching stage, am not crazy about the cleckheaton yarn, so will keep searching for the perfect yarn.