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Monday, August 27, 2007

And on the next day She Frogged

Today I bit the bullet and frogged a whole heap of UFO's.

Mainly socks that I have done in either A) the wrong yarn, B) the wrong size C) lost the mojo.

So what went: The nancy bush one sock with the anticraft vinnland mate- Both these I made just for fun- they are 2 thick for me, in future- i shall use this yarn on larger needles.

Millicent- as seen in the archives, this was done on baby yarn, wrong choice, and I forgot about negative ease and made them too big. So now- well I have lots of new sock yarn which is heading that way. I will be trying this pattern again.

German Stocking- stuffed up the chart and again the same yarn as millicent- I think cookieA's patterns need proper sock yarn- not grignasco bambi- stunning fingering 100% merino fine yarn.

A Crochet Dinasour: After breaking 2 chrochet hooks on this I am getting the feeling of while I love looking at aragumi it is not my thing.

And lastly a picture. It rained alot yesterday and as I was driving along I saw a double rainbow. You can only just see it- it was very faint, and it is a camera phone photo.

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turtlegirl76 said...

That's not a bad shot for a camera phone! Very cool!

Frogging feels good doesn't it?