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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yarn, Dye and Help Please

I slipped, yep thats right I bought yarn. And needles, but mainly yarn.

Enough (i hope) for a top. Its new in Australia- I grabbed it right off the counter as they were unpacking it!! Its Cleckheaton Bamboo. $3.95 a ball - see why I grabbed.

the only trouble is that it is 4ply. So if anyone knows of any patterns for 4ply yarn similar to the Brioche Bodice your help would be appreciated. Greatly.

I also bought some Colinette Jitterbug. The LYS only had 4 colourways and this was my favourite of those available- Castagna. The only problem- it was $30 a skein. That for me is too much. But it will be fondled for all its expensive worth.

This weekend also bought about the great dye trial (part 2)

I have to say I am not getting much better. There are still alot of light patches where the yarn did not go through. But I do like it. Here it is cooking the 2nd lot (the blue dye.) The other one was black dye which had a lot of blue in it as well.

I think if I was to redo this I would dye it all blue first, then overdye the black.

But we shall see tomorrow how it all turns out.

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Jo said...

Next time try and re-skein the yarn so that it is in a larger cicrle, that way the chunks of yarn are thinner and more dye can reach the yarn. I hope that made sense - I'm sleepy.