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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Exams Are Over

Whoo Hoo

exams are done! yes they were awful. So bad in fact that the only knitting I got done was some baby socks for friends to give other friends babies.

So this week its all about the knitting- 1st project is to finish the 1st sock of the nancy bush chalet sock, then the 2nd sidewinder, the 1st german stocking (which has to be frogged for 2 inches), then the 1st theolonus or however you say it (sorry cookie a- yes its that pattern from her) and by then the lace for my mystery stole should be here and that then goes on the needles. My aim for this holiday is to have SSS arriving on all 4 pairs of socks that I have on the go, a finished jumper and a stole.

Not much really!!!

ok photo time: 4 pairs of baby socks from debbie bliss simply socks, mainly done in lang merino 150, the bright one is the leftover zarina from the sock in the earlier post, and the coloured accent is the (hope it is) leftovers from the nancy bush sock, which is being done in STR scottish highlands. The one that looks all white is actually pink with white accents and the other one is white with lilac accents. I love this pattern- can't you tell. They are all the middle pattern done on 3mm needles- I think it gives a better fabric than the called for 3.25mm needles.

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