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Monday, June 25, 2007

Op Shop Needles

I made a great find today

some old fashioned metal aero dpns (and one straight) from a pile of needles in an op shop. I love small needles (not the 15cm but about 20cm) and found the following: 2.25 dpns (4) in 22cm, 3mm dpn's (4) in 17cm, 3.25cm straights in 17cm, 3.25 cm dpns (4) in 22cm (3 needles in 22 and one in 17cm- they are op shop!!) , 4mm dpns 2 pairs- one in 17cm and one in 22cm.

They are a bit mismatched- some needles are slightly (1cm) longer than others but heh for AUS $10 for 6 pairs i am not complaining.

Ohhh and my zephyr arrived today- in a lovely light pewter colour !! whoo hoo happy mail day!

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