Attention Perth Knitters

I am thinking of Starting a Stitch and Bitch in Subiaco or Claremont. If anyone is interested can they please email me and if we get numbers we can then arrange time and place.



Saturday, June 25, 2005


Whoo hoo!

I finished my first ever pair of socks!!!!!!
OK so they are a little big- and my grafting on sock one is terrible but I have gotton the hang of double pointed needles!

I am really proud of myself- SP I love the yarn. I wonder if i can get an ankle pair out of the left-over yarn!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Blanket and Socks

Yes I know, i haven't posted for a while. The FC shrug is being knit to alias- up to season 3 and so far it is looking like a blanket at the moment - being 40 inches long and 20 inches wide. However no pics (its boring!)

I have also been getting ready to jet set off to europe. Not sure of my whole itinery yet but have the first few weeks ready. The first stop is Vienna, Austria for a few days then off to Budapest, Hungary to stay with friends. After that it is either Florence for a month (taking an italian course) or a Contiki trip- then off to London.

Anyone know of any yarn shops in Vienna or Budapest??

I do have pics to share. Below is the first half of the socks from my lesson last week. I am slowly getting the hang of double pointed needles- using 5 - it's alot easier with 4 in the work than 3.

The other pic is my half of the secret pal pinku swap. This is what i received from Rose- she made them herself- very clever!!!!

Anyway- must keep working on the shrug- I want to be able to wear it at least once before I leave!!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Secret Pal Goodies and Branching Out

Branching Out is complete, finished and gifted to my grandmother- who loved it (and the hours of pain that went into it). Here it is before being wrapped modeled by Skeeta- who is rather a reluctant model! More pics here.

When I got home this afternoon I had a fantastic surprise waiting for me. A parcel from my secret pal- who is the most fantastic person. This package she said is 'all about the socks' and included 4 balls of Knitpicks sock yarn, some great stitch markers- handmade (all the better), Cat Bordhi's book on knitting socks on circular needles and the summer IK magazine- which still isn't out here in Australia yet. I am soo lucky- thankyou so much my SP! Your kindness and generosity is loved and appreciated.

and a close up of the stitch markers on my new love- Susan Bates crystallites.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


forgot to add- the sock toe is history. Kaput, dead. Am leaving the sock till next week's sock knitting class.

New Project and Puppy Pics

This is the yarn for my new project. It is soooooo soft. I have been cuddling it all day. The pattern is from FC Easy Knitting (thanks go to Poor Miss Finch for the inspiration).

I am using my new needle love 'susan bates crystallite' needles. Small, colourful and nice on the yarn. However like everything here in Australia- expensive (AUS$12 Each!!!) Oh well.

I have finished the Branching Out scarf but as it is currently awaiting blocking there is no pictures for now. But to tide you over......


In her usual position- note in front of heater

In her usual nitetime position- and i'm supposed to get into bed how...

bedroom eyes

I love my dog! Can you tell?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm in Love

I'm in Love
I soooo want this book- I hope it comes out here soon.........

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stash Additions.

To make knitter's drool: Show them the following self-explanatory picture: 2 skeins of noro silk garden, and one HUGE (700m) skein of fibreworks hand-dyed 4ply.

This was picked up at the craft fair over the weekend, along with various beads and a knitted wire/bead bracelet kit and some washi paper DIY boxes. Lots of fun to do and see.

Also I started a sock. Having tried many unsuccessful times to try sock knitting from the ankle down on 4 needles, I went out and bought another packet of needles, started on a 2-needle toe from the knitty article on toes and tried with 5 needles. It is so much easier with 5 needles. I am still getting the hang of it, but at least I won't look like a complete idiot at sock class in 2 weeks time!

See- a toe!

ps: Ali- yes postage is a bitch, but at least now I will know how to knit socks and be able to use the LL for a good pair, rather than a learning pair. (though it would of made the others jealous!). See here for what I pay!