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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Blogstalking 2: Week 2: Purse Guts

I'm behind already. Oops' blame it on bad ex-boyfriends and MS3 knitting. I am finally up to the wing, well on chart H! whoo hoo. I really want to get this done and start the other 2 mystery stoles I am doing.

So here is the purse. Its my faithful red one from when I was in Japan. I love this purse. And in it, everything from a cardigan, a book just purchased, makeup, lots of pills, ipod, knitting, etc etc etc.... (Once again how true is it that a picture tells 1000 words).

And check out these little wire guys. They were a gift from my friend who just spent 2 weeks in Namibia- so cute.

Thanks all for the kind words about asshole ex. Everyone (even my grandmother) is glad he is finally out of the picture so it is for the best.

Next challenge: Mystery Sock Toes.

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Jo said...

When were you in Japan? I lived there for 3 years while teaching English.