Attention Perth Knitters

I am thinking of Starting a Stitch and Bitch in Subiaco or Claremont. If anyone is interested can they please email me and if we get numbers we can then arrange time and place.



Monday, August 28, 2006

Mystery Sock done

Well I finished the other mystery sock last night. And here it is.................
(does this count as a feet, fellow blogstalkers?)

And a close up of the mini (fake) cables (no cable needle required).

Here is the LINK for those wanting it. Its from the About list. I also have pictured my progress on the VK meg Swanson socks. I tried them on after doing one and a half pattern repeats and my calves are a lot bigger than 80 stitches, so started the decreases earlier. Also doing them every 4 rows, so will end up with 56 stitches, 2 and a half pattern repeats in. Then comes the heel. Speaking of which, did you notice on the mystery socks the garter stitch heel flap and square heel turn. It was a 'new' heel turn 'way' for me, and not crazy about it, but am glad to have learnt something new.

And I am a joiner- I finally joined the sexy knitters club. And what do you know the next knit-along is for the below mentioned bodice (and sizzle). Its fate.

Only problem is that this is up next.

I even bought all the yarn (just have to nip back to the LYS for needles). So wish me luck. In between unfinished projects galore, sock wars, sexy knitters, and yarn stash busters I will try to find the perfect yarn to make the bodice. Bring on the uni break.............

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Can anyone say... I WANT

Oh to be able to knit everything at once.

And I found yet another OH MY GOD I MUST HAVE THIS pattern. Its this one. The Stitch Diva (Glampyre) Simple Knitted Bodice. Oh My.

In other news: I have more yarn for the VK fair isle jumper, have cast on the Meg Swanson VK sock, have cast on a new mystery sock, have done no progress on either the somewhat cowl or the mystery shawl, have arranged a 'swap' with bezzie for the Big Girls Knits book, and hopefully this week my stitch n bitch 2007 calender will arrive.

I must organise my to-do list. Too many 'wants' and not enough time. hmmm

will check back later for feet postings and organisation tactics.

Monday, August 21, 2006

What is Wrong with this Picture?

Well I finished my 1st mystery sock (singular) today and then found this:

Can anyone say OOPS! Yep thats right- no heel turn, I knit the flap then when straight into the gusset decreasing.
If any one has any suggestions of how to add the heel turn without totally killing the sock please let me know.

Also in a perfectly timed sugar-needed rush arrived my project colourswap package from Celia.

Thankyou sooo much. In this was alot (now only one bar left) of chocolate, some handspun alpaca (the brown skein) and 2 balls of soft beige mohair- destined to be soft, beige, beaded scarfs. Thanks again Celia!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Macro Reveal

Well only cpurl17 got one right- And that was (IMHO) the hardest one!

The answers are as follows:


Our old rocking horse. He is an antique I think but is starting to look his age- minus a stirrup from an attempt to ride at about the age of well, lets say too old.


A lamp- yes not the money printer bezzie! (though that would be nice) It is a fornasetti like the plates in my previous arty post.


Its a shoe last. or form. Antique (again), wooden, and apparently for a ladies shoe.

In Knitting news I am about 10 rows and a kitchener stitch away from finishing my LL's socks.

The only problem is check out the amount of leftovers! Any one got any ideas of what to do with it- I can't chuck it, it is a)way too nice and b) was a gift from ali; so please help me find something to do with it.

In other WIP news: The mystery shawl is on side 2 of clue 2. Slowly getting there.
I have started the alpaca illusion socks but have found a shawl in the new winter rebecca, that i think would do the alpaca proud so may frog the sock.
The somewhat cowl has not moved from the WIP basket (or bag to be precise), and all others mentioned are still in the have yarn but not cast on yet status.

After these socks get finished (and i get some study done) I will cast on the Mystery Sock KAL pair in some gifted koigu i have. It is an orangy colour way just right for an autumny slant on the leaves of grass anklet pattern. I only have one skein (50g) so hopefully it will do the anklets. Otherwise it will be a mystery sock- singular. Anyway back to finishing the latest pair.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Macro Tempations

OK well this weeks blogstalking assignment is macro-photography.

Well the first step was looking up the camera manual to find out how to do a macro shot!

Then wander round the house looking for tempting items to post. Some of the other participants have been amazing.

So the three shots I have for you are:




Good Luck!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Perdita with Love

There is a few reasons I haven't blogged much this week.

One) My sister got engaged! So much celebration and champagne drinking has taken over from knitting.

Two) Karen (cook-n-knit) sent me a copy of VK so have been salivating over that instead.

Three) Thanks to my SP7 I received some great beads and thread to do Perdita. So I decided to do my first ever pattern deviation and made a variation of Perdita- I call it Perdita with Love. Inspired by the colour and the events of the week.

And close up

If you want the pattern let me know and if enough people do I shall write and post it up- will full credit to Elizabeth for the original of course!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Well I got home from uni tonight to see this: oops on the camera skills but if u put your head on the side it looks right!!

A great package from my great SP.

I'm not sure if you can see all the goodies but there are:
A book of excuses (will come in handy for uni) LOL

I like this one: I would love to help with the housework but you're so good at it, it's like watching the creation of art. Another beer would be good. LOL

I can't possibly have made these purchases. I don't like clothes, music or food. HEHEHE

A red ball of the yummy alpaca for the love-heart shadow socks (i hope it will be enough- but u will have to let me know the distributer after the reveal)
A ball of Noro Kureyon in a great green colourway
My favourite new drink (what a great guess) hot chocolate powder with mint flavour (just add water) *its sooo yumm***
A really pretty writing set (and pencil)
some hello kitty candy with dispenser (so kitch its cool)
A bright red frog change purse
A cow whose tail is a tape measure (i love it)
Some yarn bobbins for my new adventures with fair ilse

to top it all off 3 count them 3 skeins of red dmc perle 5 cotton and some gold pearl beads for some perditas. I can make one of each kind!!

So it may have been sitting in the Australia Post offices for longer than expected but a greatly appreciated and thoughtfully put together package

SP you are the best (oh and im keeping the wrapping paper)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

No Knitting But Beading

Well today I have no knitting to show you. That is because the knits are for secret recipients.... The knits shall be shown after I have sent them off.

But I do have a picture. I finally got the beads mum bought back from India and put some of them into making earrings.!!! Yeh.

Also I made a few stitch-markers as I am running out- I keep losing them!!!

So enjoy.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today's Want

Hi All

Today's Want is simple. IK Fall 2006 and/or VK Fall 2006.

Interweave is not available from either my YLS or newsagency in Western Australia AT ALL and the Vogue magazine will arrive in approx november.


will swap/trade/sell-my-mother