Attention Perth Knitters

I am thinking of Starting a Stitch and Bitch in Subiaco or Claremont. If anyone is interested can they please email me and if we get numbers we can then arrange time and place.



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Can Anyone Help

I am looking for the Fall 07 issues of both Knitscene and Knit 1. Neither have appeared in Australia. Any help will be appreciated and rewarded in some way :)

In news, I have been very ill for the last 3 weeks (not counting the surgery, which went well and was caught in time. The doc said had we not had health insurance by the time i got to the top of the waiting list it would of been cancer, so thank god for private health insurance!) No I have been very dizzy, lethargic, nauseas, and can't even knit! so no real progress on anthing- just a few rows a night have been all I can manage. However we are taking copius amounts of blood, and have ruled out diabetes, thyroid, iron, b12, salt and about half a dozen others so are still searching. however, I am positive it will all be ok in the end.

Ciao for now (must go sleep)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogstalking 2: Statues

originally uploaded by westozcaat.
When I was in Europe in 05/06 I found out that the Europeans LOVE their statues. Especially ones of people on horses looking triumphant over some sort of adversity, Now we all know what they look like, so I didn't post one here (though I have plenty of them). Instead I would like to show you what the main shopping street of Prague looked like when I visited. I am not sure but I think this is a permanant exhibition of strange street art. Every 100m or so was another very different type of installation. This was my favourite. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Am I Worth

Dead.................... stolen from Ceallach

$6325.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

as for knitting, the following are being worked on (not including hiatus projects)
1) MS3 Stole (still, up to Clue 6, Chart I)
2) Secret of the Stole (Clue one done, awaiting clue 2)
3) Maia's Mystery Sock, Scheherazade's Slipper (on ravelry)- sock one done up to clues given. I did mod this one, as I cannot do the toe-up easy cast on (its too hard) I do a crochet cast on, decrease down the back, increase with patterning up the front, pick up the stitches at 30 per needle and off I go. It hasn't altered the pattern much at all, and its do-able.
4) Sideways Ribbed Baby Jacket, from Cleckheaton. Must finish and iron flat so the ribbing expands and it will actually fit the baby (good thing I did the 6-month size)
I think thats enough to keep me occupied for now.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow Closeup
Black Rainbow Closeup,
originally uploaded by westozcaat.
Yumm just look at this yarn.
Isn't it just sooo pretty. I think so.
It is 100g of Black Rainbow sock yarn from Irene at

thanks Irene!!

full photo on flickr

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Socktopia August Mystery Socks Done

Whoo hoo
After finally getting the toe instructions (damn blogger) I finished these off tonight. They are great- I love them. Thanks MommaMonkey.

Blogstalking 2: Week 2: Purse Guts

I'm behind already. Oops' blame it on bad ex-boyfriends and MS3 knitting. I am finally up to the wing, well on chart H! whoo hoo. I really want to get this done and start the other 2 mystery stoles I am doing.

So here is the purse. Its my faithful red one from when I was in Japan. I love this purse. And in it, everything from a cardigan, a book just purchased, makeup, lots of pills, ipod, knitting, etc etc etc.... (Once again how true is it that a picture tells 1000 words).

And check out these little wire guys. They were a gift from my friend who just spent 2 weeks in Namibia- so cute.

Thanks all for the kind words about asshole ex. Everyone (even my grandmother) is glad he is finally out of the picture so it is for the best.

Next challenge: Mystery Sock Toes.

Blogstalking 2: Week 2: Purse Guts