Attention Perth Knitters

I am thinking of Starting a Stitch and Bitch in Subiaco or Claremont. If anyone is interested can they please email me and if we get numbers we can then arrange time and place.



Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Kindness of Strangers

I love the knitting cyber-community.
Even though I am still relatively new, it hasn't stopped total strangers offering comments, advice and compliments.

Then we get to the knittyboard community. This is a place where all good traits seem multiplied. Everyone is fantastic, and total strangers hold up old fashioned values of helpfulness and kindness without blinking an eye.

The winner of the 'most fantastic person ever' award, however, must go to margot, or saintjay as she is known on the knittyboard. Having done a swap with her for her secret pal (hehe- in other words how to confuse people (a tip which I then stole and used with my SP)) she was already on top of my list of fantastic people.

Then today, after a stressful day at work I receive this:

Knowing my SP let me down (nice for abandoned me and didn't send any packages)
she sent me this package of incredible goodness just because she is an amazingly kind person. I can't stress how much receiving this package has meant to me. It has blown me away, the knowledge that out on the other side of the world, someone was thinking of me out of the generosity of her spirit.

Margot- thankyou- you made a crappy day fantastic, and have single-handedly restored my faith in the generosity of the human race.

Now to the goodies- some great yarn, a moose cookie cutter (I feel biscuits a-coming)(it's soooo cute), some local candy, and some beautiful postcards of where she lives.

Again thanks Margot - and now I have finished taking the photo, I can eat the candy!!!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Just to make you all Jealous

Just to make everyone jealous...........
here's where i am spending the easter break

Sorry :)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Still too hot!

Just to really annoy all the northern hemisphere people, yesterday here in Perth was a record March temperature- 41.9 degrees Celcius. (Bloody Hot!!!)

and you wonder why I haven't knit anything...........................

Monday, March 21, 2005

Not Much Knitting Going On

This last week and a half have seen a hiatus on knitting. Why you ask- well work for one, and the heat- with temps hovering around the mid-30's (celcius) its been way to hot to do anything except lie in front of the aircon/fan and go to work (which has really really good aircon).

In other news my sophie bag for Tia has been cast on and bottomed, its looking small already- hopefully the cascade 220 won't shrink too much. My looooooooong winded WIP (skully from S&B) which has been sitting in the pile since last august has now got half a front to go with the back.

And look what arrived: my phildar magazines from knit'n'tyme and vogue knitting from saintjay! Yeh.

This has been the real reason for my lack of knitting. I am attempting to translate from the winter issue (top magazine) as it didn't come with english translations. Big Problem: I don't speak French. So if any one out there can help me by checking my translation efforts it would be most appreciated.

Problem 2: Discontinued Yarn. Also want to do this pattern. Problem: whilst not being able to read french, the yarn is also no-where to be found. I have tried the 3 stores I know of that sell phildar yarn- knit'n'tyme , briweb and some other one in europe I cannot remember the name. So shops that still sell brumes in chaume are urgently in need of. HELP.

PS: nothing on ebay either- I checked- 3 times.

pps:Michelle- i learn't to knit at a very young age from my grandmother, but re-learnt last year at a workshop at ivy and maude (now Calico and Ivy) in cottesloe. They have moved to mosman park now but are just on glyde street.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Finished Object Bonzana

Finally finished seeming Sage- 2 weeks later but better than never!!
Also finished a chicknits chikcami. This was made in Jo Sharp Soho- a fantastic cotton yarn. Loved knitting with it!

Also getting made is a baby pasha the penguin. Seen here with percy he is a present for a friend- who is a linux geek, but wether or not he or his girlfriend's one-year old will end up with it remains to be seen.

2 more UFO's to go- and i'm going to start the next project - a pair of devil pants from stitch and bitch nation- for the above mentioned little girl.