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Sunday, July 15, 2007

WIP Update

Well all socks are on hold this week as the Tour De France Kal takes front and centre. (Although I did finish the other bootee!)

On Friday night (stage 6) I finished Clue 2 of the Mystery Stole- so my mountain 'goal' is on track.

Last night with the first mountain stage (stage 7) I actually got to watch most of the stage live, which for WA is a big change as normally our coverage starts 2 hours after the eastern states (like for tonight- which sucks cause it is a great stage!)

So, the back of the Olive Kate Gilbert jumper was completed- leaving my green sprinter classification on track as well.

I find these Kal's help me really motor along with jumpers- the only other one I actually finished last year was the olympic KAL jumper, so I think I need the pressure of a finish date to help me knit all that stocking stitch.

Tonight seeing it is an exciting stage, I will be casting on the front, as I think mountains and lace spell frogging and reknitting!!

As for other news, my unclaimed (spell not quite up to scratch) baby knits - including the stuffed hedgehog, teddy-bears, socks, bootees and hats (about 10 'items') so far are all being donated to charity- the Save the Children charity here in Western Australia. So that makes me feel good, to know that some disadvantaged kids and babies are going to have some top-line yarn, hand knitted goodies to keep them warm- not scratchy acrylic!!

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Riggwelter said...

All that knitting, well done you!!. KALs are great for getting the tedious bits of knitting done aren't they?
Your stole is looking beautiful.