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Monday, August 13, 2007

Green Jumper Finished

I finally finished my Tour De France jumper.

It is the Slanted Neck Pullover by Kate Gilbert from the Spring 07 IK, in the 38.5" size.
I have used the Lang Yarns Merino Superwash in a dark olive colour.
I made no mods, though now I have it on I should of made it a bit longer so it wouldn't ride up and expose the unwanted tummy region.

I also should of reknit the collar as it is not as perfect as I would of hoped, but it will do. Also even though I was sure it was a one-to-one ratio with the sleeves to armhole numbers, it ended up more a three-to-two so the sleeve seaming is not great. My seaming is slowly improving.

However, it is yummy and comfy and hopefully the temperature will drop to proper jumper weather rather than light-weight jumper weather. I love the way the ribbing goes all the way to the sleeves when joined and also how the ribbing hides all those nasty seaming mistakes.

On all, a 10/10 for love of yarn, a 8/10 for FO, and a 70% probability I shall actually wear it (which also is a new thing for me!)

1 comment:

Shauna said...

Wow, great job! I love the color. It is a very flattering fit...