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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Funny Photo

Well in honour of finishing one project and only having 3 on the needles at the moment I today did some swatches for some shawls. Am going to finally use the fibretrends 4ply not for 700m worth of socks but for knitty's ella by Wendy Wonnacott! Only it will be knit in 5.5mm needles in order to get the gauge.

Also I swatched and blocked Icarus (Summer 06 IK). Hence the funny photo. Whilst not exactly getting gauge (got rows- not sts) am not really worried cause a) its a shawl and b) there is 1500 m in a skein.

Blocking in the bathroom.

Swatch close-up

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LadyLungDoc said...

Only 3 WIPs? that'z crazy - you might actually "gasp" FINISH them all {shudder}