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Monday, July 24, 2006

Net Dating 201

More from the frenchasshole:
sent this evening-

Him: Subject: talk abt u to my australian friends, they said : she is a joke! it right ? (No body in msg)

Hi vince, in reply to your email i am not a joke. In fairness she was proberly trying to make you feel better. Though I must add the following.

I was going to send you an email, but was trying to think and compose something thoughtful. Which is why I hadn't replied in two days. I even stated on my profile that it takes me a while to reply to emails.

However due to your lack of consideration for me and the lack of thought you have shown me I think that it would be better if you didn't contact me again. Good Luck in your search on RSVP.


Ahhh where would we be without people like this in the world LOL!
hopefully this will be the end of this saga!

and just in from after posting this:

Subject: from the genuine man

my friends, my australian friends,she , he and they ...not only one person...not only "she"....nobody tried or try to make me feel better.u just showed me no interests, no polite, no time to respond to emails..then dont try to date then...if u have no time to give to someone in yr my friends girlfriends said : " us , aussie women/girls we r very independant and selfish and materialistic." so they said u r a joke...i dont know u . i dont want know u , u shown too lack interests...





LadyLungDoc said...

Bah! The French!
Colourswap is officially closed, but you could email the hostess - they might need extras if people bail. Blog address is:

Sarah said...

That sucks. Men!

Coil-less safety pins are not to be found in Australia? Do you have any of those big box craft stores like JoAnns or Michaels or Hobby Lobby types? That's where I normally pick mine up.