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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Overblocking 101

Hi all - todays lesson is in the powers of blocking- or why not to overblock. See the pretty perdita's below- all are size small- yes even the black one. I think i overblocked :)!!

I really like the black one though so I am making another one with 2 less repeats, so hopefully when it blocks- it will be the same size as the others!

Now in honour of Turtlegirl's really bad online-dating story I am going to post my own here. (No its not about the guy I had a date with on Sat- that went REALLY well)

This is about Mr FrenchAsshole.
For ages we had been sending 'kisses' (non-paying contacts) back and forth so I presumed he had no 'stamps' to send emails. So feeling curious I sent him an email and the following exchange ensured. (Note the dates of the emails)

16/7 me: hi vince- finally got some stamps and thought i would say hello. if you want to know more about me ask away, feel free to email me @-

one arrived on the gmail account that night but i have since deleted it and cannot find it. rsvp keeps a copy of emails for 6 months hence i can get these.

18/7 him: How r u ?
dont know u receive my email on yr courant email address.maybe u r not really interested to know me better in fact.well hope u r well and safe.
take care

19/7 him: next time find someone else to play with. u have not courtesy and its impolite to even not respond by one word ! who do u think u r ?

19/7 me: hello vince
I have no doubt in my mind now about not engaging in further conversation from you. It has only been two days since your first reply. A true gentleman would allow at least a week before stating the accusations you have stated. As a matter of fact I am interstate at the moment and this is the first chance I have had to check my email, but am grateful you reveiled your characteristics.
I would prefer not to hear back from you.

and what i recieved this morning obviously sent last night:

19/7 him: blablablablbalbalbalbla oh u replied...its a miracle...wait a week for get a reply ??? what do u think i am ? u r a player....i understand why u r single now.
good nite


19/7 him: Please leave me alone. please.u r not interested in meeting ppl or making any interests in them . please give up.


19/7 him: All this cinema in sending kisses to me every fucking days/weeks. harrass me with that and yr games. and now , i can see u r silent and playing games,as u cant communicated and leave "one word" as u logged on often....this is not fair...
Good bye

so there u have it, apparantly one email equals harrassment. and 3 kisses sent over 6 months also equals harrassment. lol what an idiot. All i can say is glad i found out now before i actually met the guy.

So turtlegirl- don't feel alone, we all get idiots through these dating sites- hopefully u will find someone worthy of a second date- i have!


turtlegirl76 said...

Oh my. Thank God he did show his true colors though. What if you met him and - God forbid - gave him your phone number?! Sounds like the sort that would want a phone call every hour telling him where you are, who you're with, and what you're doing. Screw that.

LadyLungDoc said...

Wow, aren't you kicking yourself for missing out on someone who is so sophisticated ;)

Way pack when, I met with an Internet Romeo who said he was 37 (I was 30 at the time), and in real life admitted that he was in his late 40's (I suspected that he was about Fortyfifteen, to tell you the truth). When I pointed out to him that he was older than he has indicated, he said "Well, you seemed very mature in your emails, so I figured you must have lied about your age as well" ?!?

Rosi G. said...

OMG!! That has got to be the funniest email exchange I have ever read! GEEEEESH! Can't you submit that to a comedy or something? I think there's a comedy on My 9 that is about a dating service, they'd have a hoot w/this email. That guy was indeed a psycho so GOOD RIDDANCE!!

Dating-Guru said...


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