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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Funny Photo Again

Well today is 'Shoot the Freezer Day'

So in the grand tradition of knittyheads before me......

I present- My freezer! (Do remember I live with my parents) (yes I know I should be out by now- i'm working on it except yarn shopping keeps eating away into my savings!)

And behind Door No 1: The meat and alcohol shelf (Door 2 is just more meat- Mum bought a whole side of lamb recently and it is overflowing in the freezer!) The alcohol is from left to right: Citronella, Bombay Saphire Gin, Vodka (behind meat) and 2 more Citronella's, homemade, and bought in Italy!

Hmmm- Green Tea Icecream- not sure about my mothers taste...

And just cause I can... a pic of Skeeta- my baby (who is 8!)

In knitting news I had to frog the entire mystery stole, so it is back to the drawing board for that one. Also haven't been doing much as had date number 2 (thurs) and 3 (sat) with the new guy! Very interested and hopefully it will last more than the last one (which isnt hard being 3 weeks!)


LadyLungDoc said...

Ooh - date #2 AND #3! Good on you!!! have you introduced him to your knitting yet?
BTW - it is honorable to remain at home to make your folks feel like they are still needed.
Cute doggie!

Bezzie said...

Ok, this might sound weird, but that's a a really interesting looking freezer. I've never seen one with three sub-doors like that!!!

mf said...

WOW!! I've never seen a freezer like that one.. Cool! I want to come over booze & green tea ice cream? hmm never heard of it, but how can ice cream be so bad...Congrats on the dates!

Megan said...

I like your freezer! And your baby is precious.

Libi said...

Oh, I'm coming to your house. Not sure about the food, but it looks like ya'll could make me a mean cocktail!

Cut puppy. (yes, I know she's 8, but all dogs are puppies to me)

cpurl17 said...

Sweet doggie!

(Stay with your parents as long as you can. Save rent for yarn money)

cpurl17 said...

Sweet doggie!

(Stay with your parents as long as you can. Save rent for yarn money)