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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well oops

I know I have been a bad blogger this year but when you knit mainly socks for a whole winter it can be very boring to post and read. However I finally did something new. I have been wanting to make this beaded scarf for about a year now, but had to do the class to learn how to do it properly.

Well it all finished well.


I decided to give the cast off a little stretch to sort of even it out with the cast on (which I did in larger needles as I am a tight knitter) and oops- look what happened. So now I am stuck with a BIG mistake and am scared about fixing it. Luckily my LYS has fix-it Saturdays with an expert knitter so guess where I am off to this weekend..

In other news I am about to start the world cup knit-a-long (since I missed out on the Olympics. I can't decide on a pattern though- am tossing up between 2- have got gauge in the cardigan and swatching for the jumper now. Both will be made with a phildar yarn I have had sitting in my stash for about a year (do I get bonus points for stash busting)


any comments or opinions on which one you think I should do would be greatly appreciated.

extra pic of wool that I am using- proof I do occasionally swatch!!!! In reality its a darker denim/navy colour

ps: for those interested the dog had to stay in London as I ran out of room in the suitcase and my &^%&^ flatmates never posted him back to me. He was a popcorn pack.
I miss him (even though he was still in two pieces!)


bradyphrenia said...

the scarf looks so pretty and frothy. can you get a close-up of the beadwork?

Kate said...

Thanks- well i did try to get a close up for you but as the beads are so close to the yarn colour it didn't turn out- sorry! They are in a triangle shape in the top of the diamond if that helps.

Rain said...

The scarf is absoloutely beautiful and I'm sure you'll be able to fix it.

I like both of the patterns but would personally go for the cardigan as I wear those more than sweaters.