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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No More Aussie World Cup Domination

Well Australia's run in the world cup has come to a sad end, with a loss to Italy in the dying minutes of the game. And echoing that, my run on my jumper has hit pause as i am getting bored of plain stocking stitch and start looking for more exiciting things to knit.

On that note, and proberably helping it along, my Alchemy Rockstar Cardigan pattern from Get Knitted arrived yesterday, sending me through my stash to work out possible yarn substitutions.

After hunting I found some leftover zara which was the correct 5sts per inch so off I went following the chart and swatching the diamond pattern. Whilst I got the correct gauge (i think- its a little hard to tell) I didn't like the way the zara seemed to spring and stretch so the decision was made to take a little trip to the LYS.

There I found Cleckheaton Country Silk.

It is a 85% wool, 15% silk mix and is nice and cheap so needing about 15 balls of it won't kill the bank. The wool looks like (to the left) and hopefully I will get gauge with it. Its not too stiff feeling and I think it will soften up with a wash and block.

Whilst instore as I can never just by one ball of yarn, I also picked up some yarn for my Knittyboard SP, some OnLine Borneo (100% Cotton) in a deep red for a swatch for my Somewhat Cowl


and a huge hank of 100% merino brown/tan twist from Filatua. Its called Centolavaggi and is 1400m worth (enough for 2 Icarus's!) I couldn't resist. Especially since the colour is called coffee twist. Perfect for my Java Junkie Self!

So hopefully after a few nights relaxation and different knitting I can go back to my sleeve on my jumper and knit away. Just have to swatch first..................

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