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Friday, June 23, 2006

I love my SP

Dear SP
You have made my day

thankyou soooooo much for this amazing package! Love the banana bath cream (so cute!) And the alpaca- can you say instant yarn lust, oh my god! what to do with it is the next question. It is too good to waste on socks or a scarf (i may have to get you to reveal your source so i can get enough to make the jo sharp cardigan with it.) (in fact - can u?)
did you make the handspun yourself? it is great.

For everyone else- look and weep (and yes that is the new IK i have been lusting after!)

In other World Cup news, Australia is through to the next round (YEH!) after drawing with Croatia 2-2 last night. As for me, the front is pressed, and the back is at about the half-way point. Not to shabby I think.

As it is another beautiful sunny day here in Perth (winter- hah!) i am off to knit in the sun. (and pet my baby alpaca yarn)

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Anonymous said...

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Yeah! I sat up early this morning and watched it! Go the Socceroos!

I dunno, I though the alpaca would make a nice scarf. It's so sooooft. The source is my extremely "L" LYS. I can give you their number, but they'll SO give away my identity. Would the gauge be okay for the cardigan? It's very thin.

No, I have no talent in the handspinning. My LYS lady made it. She's tops.

I bought two of the IKs last saturday. I think my newsagents now believe that I am insane. Or at least fussy about my knitting.

I'm so glad you liked the package!!