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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I thought i hadn't blogged in a while, and i was right!
so what have i been doing, enjoying london thats what!!!
i have been knitting though. The dog (see post below) is knitted but in 2 pieces i will finish him eventually, and i decided the cardigan is just too difficult for me, but i have been knitting- what u ask- well socks, a lot of socks- and a pair of mittens. I even now have proof- my camera is finally working again.
here we are- enjoy!


Stariel said...

Nice socks!

Your IK is on the way. :)

Pyewacket said...

Oh, I love the colors on that top left pair! Yay, socks. :) Very impressive first-fair isle too.

mf said...

I LOVE all those socks!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by your blog! I love your FOs...those socks are cool.

Have you had a chance to finish the doggie? It's very gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

BTW...I'm anonymous because I'm your SP!

Anonymous said...

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