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Monday, August 28, 2006

Mystery Sock done

Well I finished the other mystery sock last night. And here it is.................
(does this count as a feet, fellow blogstalkers?)

And a close up of the mini (fake) cables (no cable needle required).

Here is the LINK for those wanting it. Its from the About list. I also have pictured my progress on the VK meg Swanson socks. I tried them on after doing one and a half pattern repeats and my calves are a lot bigger than 80 stitches, so started the decreases earlier. Also doing them every 4 rows, so will end up with 56 stitches, 2 and a half pattern repeats in. Then comes the heel. Speaking of which, did you notice on the mystery socks the garter stitch heel flap and square heel turn. It was a 'new' heel turn 'way' for me, and not crazy about it, but am glad to have learnt something new.

And I am a joiner- I finally joined the sexy knitters club. And what do you know the next knit-along is for the below mentioned bodice (and sizzle). Its fate.

Only problem is that this is up next.

I even bought all the yarn (just have to nip back to the LYS for needles). So wish me luck. In between unfinished projects galore, sock wars, sexy knitters, and yarn stash busters I will try to find the perfect yarn to make the bodice. Bring on the uni break.............


mf said...

you've become quite the adventous knitter ;o)

Libi said...

Nice socks

Anonymous said...

That is such a gorgeous pullover! Wow!

Lovely socks. The garter stitch heel is strange, isn't it??

Today's clue is that some of your regular blog commenters also comment on my there's a six-degrees connection....