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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Macro Reveal

Well only cpurl17 got one right- And that was (IMHO) the hardest one!

The answers are as follows:


Our old rocking horse. He is an antique I think but is starting to look his age- minus a stirrup from an attempt to ride at about the age of well, lets say too old.


A lamp- yes not the money printer bezzie! (though that would be nice) It is a fornasetti like the plates in my previous arty post.


Its a shoe last. or form. Antique (again), wooden, and apparently for a ladies shoe.

In Knitting news I am about 10 rows and a kitchener stitch away from finishing my LL's socks.

The only problem is check out the amount of leftovers! Any one got any ideas of what to do with it- I can't chuck it, it is a)way too nice and b) was a gift from ali; so please help me find something to do with it.

In other WIP news: The mystery shawl is on side 2 of clue 2. Slowly getting there.
I have started the alpaca illusion socks but have found a shawl in the new winter rebecca, that i think would do the alpaca proud so may frog the sock.
The somewhat cowl has not moved from the WIP basket (or bag to be precise), and all others mentioned are still in the have yarn but not cast on yet status.

After these socks get finished (and i get some study done) I will cast on the Mystery Sock KAL pair in some gifted koigu i have. It is an orangy colour way just right for an autumny slant on the leaves of grass anklet pattern. I only have one skein (50g) so hopefully it will do the anklets. Otherwise it will be a mystery sock- singular. Anyway back to finishing the latest pair.


mf said...

those were definately tough ones! I had no clues....The socks look gerat! Leftover are AWESOEM for mroe socks of ocurse...heels, toes, cuffs along with oitehr leftovers...I LOVE leftovers theres so much you can do with them too. hmm a few ideas for you, keychains, mini sock bookmarks, baby socks, log cabin blanket, scrap blankets, amlet bags, trim of other projects, coin purse, doiley anything really...

Libi said...

Toddler socks are always good.

Bezzie said...

Wow, those were toughies!!!

Love the socks! And I always have that problem too--a ton of leftover sock yarn!

Anonymous said...

I'm pulling together the last little bits of your package...

...anything else you need? More of the alpaca (I should have called myself alpaca - hehehe - but then, we bananas are getting as expensive as alpaca!) or anything else?

- bananas

cpurl17 said...

I got one right! I feel so clever!