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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Lacy Blocking Drama

Well the lacy airy scarf has been demanding all knitting time this week. Therefore lil devil and branching out have been on hold.

The scarf is now blocking even though it seemed to resist all efforts. My gauge must have been off (ok so I didn't swatch but its a scarf!) as my FO was resisting all efforts to stretch to 15cm wide. It seems to have sort of worked (the ends are 15, the middle about 10/12) but we shall see what it looks like when removed from the makeshift blocking board. (The ironing board with a beach towel on top!) It is also a lot longer than the given 92cm- maybe because I kept tugging at it- It now measures about 125cm. Still it feels nice and looks good.

Sorry no pictures- the camera is residing at my sisters and will not be back for at least 2 weeks so no pic of this FO.

Now back to work me!!

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