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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Knitting is an expensive hobby.....

Today I frogged 50 rows of knitting. That got me soo depressed I cast it aside and decided to go look around my local yarn shop.


As I have no money it just got me even more depressed. Here in Perth we have a distinct lack of choice when it comes to yarn that our american friends take for granted. No cascade, no lamb's pride, no lorna's lace or Koigu or anything fancy, no phildar, no ggh and no lion's brand. In fact- 99.9% of the patterns in any magazine (vogue or interweave) call for yarns not available here.

So what can I get- here's an example of the overseas yarns available at my LYS (remember prices in AUS$) per skein.
  • Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky $26.95 ($34.95 hand-dyed)
  • Fiesta Yarns La Luz $60.00
  • Noro Cash Iroha $32.75
  • Noro Silk Garden $17.25
  • Rowan Calmer $21.50
  • Rowan Big Wool $30.50
  • Rowan Cotton Braid $16.50
  • Mango Moon Recycled Sari Silk $45.00

And for comparison- the locally made Jo Sharp Classic- $5.95, Silkroad- $8.95

As I said, Knitting a jumper here can be very expensive.

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Secret Pal said...

OMG, those prices are crazy!

lucky for you your SP lives in the US ;-)