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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'm Back, Overworked, Underpaid and Wow- check this out

Wow- what a difference a week makes.

After an amazing shopping and eating trip to Singapore and KL (Kuala Lumpa) I arrived home to find that the Secret Pals had been handed out. Yeh. Although being a first timer i have no idea what to send my SP. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I have no photos from my trip as yet as they were taken with an increasingly old fashioned film camera!!! and arn't that exciting anyway. I did buy a great handbag by a group called projectbloodbrothers- wierd name great stuff!

Also in catching up with my blog reading i noticed that yarnharlots fundraiser for doctors without borders is up to a whopping $50 000. And thats not even in Australian dollars (canadian actually). If you want to check it out click on the knitters without borders link on the side! And yes i donated. actually it was before her 'run' started so i haven't put my name up there but i thought it was a great thing as doctors without borders is my prefered charity also.

Knitting wise- i have a list of things to do.
1) Sort out incomplete projects
2) Sort out what i want to start next that i have the wool for!
3) Figure out a future projects list
4) look for new vogue and rebecca 28, home and 29 as cannot get rebecca here in perth and the new vogue doesn't come out here for at least 2 months after the american release. Ohhh and interweave as well.
5) Get Summer Tweed-along happening. This is not only my first knit-along but i am hosting it- i have no idea how or what to do so again, any offers of help (or taking it off my hands!!) is greatly appreciated.

Time to feed the dog!

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Ashik0 said...

Welcome home! Must've forgotten to tell you, but I got bored and realized you had no button, so I took the liberty of msaking one for you. It's just a mini version of your banner, really, but here it is:
I dunno if that'll work, but just copy and paste the url if it doesn't. Hm, if it doesn't work again, go to my blog and click on the "exits" link, the button should be there somewhere, too.
As for the Summer Tweed Along, if it were me, I'd just set up a new blog under that name, and update it when it neede updating, or invite others to the blog so they can update it themselves. Probably you need a button for people to put on their blogs, too. It's kind of like a webring. I've got one,, so check it out and maybe it'll help. Just look at how people run other Knit Alongs.