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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sophie- Finished and Felted

Well here she is- the before and after shots of Sophie- in my love-to-knit noro.

In other knitting news my Knit Wit book arrived with a great suprise (some lovely purple yarn and some berocco optic blue/purple yarn! Thanks Carole!!

So another book to sigh over :)

Meanwhile Sage (see below) has been put on hold as the winter Knitty fever takes hold- first up is pasha- so far my version- percy, has a back, 4 feet and 1 wing.
Then i will try MaryElla- I have the beads and even found the needles!


Lana said...

ooolala!!! Great Sophie bag!! I made one last summer!!!! Still haven't used it though!!! I need to put a lining in mine, becasue I didn't felt. Just haven't gotten around to it yet!!! A little slack... haha

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