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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Kindness of Strangers

I love the knitting cyber-community.
Even though I am still relatively new, it hasn't stopped total strangers offering comments, advice and compliments.

Then we get to the knittyboard community. This is a place where all good traits seem multiplied. Everyone is fantastic, and total strangers hold up old fashioned values of helpfulness and kindness without blinking an eye.

The winner of the 'most fantastic person ever' award, however, must go to margot, or saintjay as she is known on the knittyboard. Having done a swap with her for her secret pal (hehe- in other words how to confuse people (a tip which I then stole and used with my SP)) she was already on top of my list of fantastic people.

Then today, after a stressful day at work I receive this:

Knowing my SP let me down (nice for abandoned me and didn't send any packages)
she sent me this package of incredible goodness just because she is an amazingly kind person. I can't stress how much receiving this package has meant to me. It has blown me away, the knowledge that out on the other side of the world, someone was thinking of me out of the generosity of her spirit.

Margot- thankyou- you made a crappy day fantastic, and have single-handedly restored my faith in the generosity of the human race.

Now to the goodies- some great yarn, a moose cookie cutter (I feel biscuits a-coming)(it's soooo cute), some local candy, and some beautiful postcards of where she lives.

Again thanks Margot - and now I have finished taking the photo, I can eat the candy!!!


Dave Roberts said...

Aussie expat living in the UK here... so pleased you are enjoying the hot weather... can you export some to this country, please? lol

Mtwelovett said...

Love the Moose cookie cutter, how fun is that???
Sorry your pal let you down :( that really wasn't very nice of them. hope you're having a better day, and enjoying that beautiful weather.

helen said...

oh oh! Necco wafers are soooo yummy. the chocolate ones are the best, and they actually sell rolls of just that flavor, but they are difficult to find.

thanks so much for the postcard Kate!!