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Monday, November 29, 2004

The felted fiaso finished and other adventures.

Over the weekend i was a busy little worker bee but still got some knitting done.

Here is the before and after shots of my unfeltable bag- by the looks it has shrunk about an inch so maybe it worked a little.

the felted fiasco

in other felting news i found some big kureyon and made a mini-tote - see here.

I also felted a swatch of Jo Sharp Silkroad aran- it worked extremly well, even in my front loader machine. I lost 2cm in lenght on the first wash, none on the second- and width-wise i lost 2.5cm first, and another half a cm 2nd wash. So i may have to do a felted project with this yarn now that i know the finished dimensions.
btw- the swatch was 15stitches by 14 rows on 8mm needles.

I am still plodding away on my top but am also starting a sophie bag from that yummy kureyon i got the other day.

ps: no S&B Nation in the post today- however they have all week to deliver it before i start foaming at the mouth.

pps: on friday my parcel from canada from a swap with carole arrived- interweave magazine from winter and spring. Sooooo many good patterns- i now have a reallly reallly long future projects list!!

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Adrian said...

Oh, no, Kate! I'm sorry you had to be the guinea pig for the white lopi, but I guess it's good to know it won't felt. Pale colors of Lamb's Pride won't felt either. :(

I will go put it on the pattern page so no one else has to suffer.