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Friday, May 25, 2007

It Arrived!!!!

Whoo hooo
Aust post FINALLY delivered the cashmere merino sock yarn (colour is sea life) from the knittery today. FINALLY!! And its sooo pretty, and sooo soft. Its also quite thin for a 4-ply so i am thinking i might finally get around to making some Jaywalkers. After I finish the 2 pairs that are using up my 2.5mm dpns at the moment. I am hoping this is machine washable as it says handwash only on the label. oh you want pictures, well it is yarn porn friday so...

Also following (cause I am a following) the trend- here is the latest fun meme- stolen from Trillian42.

westozcaat --


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hmmm well I do spend alot of time on the computer....

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Karen said...

What pretty yarn! That will make some lovely socks. I plugged my blog title in (yearns for yarn) it came back as an adjective : similar to butter in texture and appearance. While I do love butter, I don't feel I resemble it at all. But it was fun.