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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Blame You- Sock P*rn

Yes Lime and Violet I blame you!


cause I listened to your podcast, went to the yarn store to get some yarn for my sockret pal and some new 2.5mm dpns and came home with this: yes another 4 balls of sock yarn.

So why blame L&V- well they have great yarn porn. So much so that I get all depressed cause I can't buy any of the great etsy sock yarns they talk about (shipping costs to australia makes it really not worth the great value that it is) so when I got to the store and saw the bright regular sock yarn that wasn't tooo fair-ilsey or boring, I bought it. Ahhhh anyway, I would love to be able to buy your yarn yarnpirate, lisa souza, scout, etc etc (and all really good sellers here) but until shipping costs reduce from the price of 3 skeins for sending one skein, I have to stick to the brand names.

The porn is the very bright zarina.

I am currently making a F*#@ Cancer hat for a friend in Olympia who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer at 27. Please send good thoughts.

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