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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Postie Came

Well yesterday the postie came
and he had goodies...

My death in the sock wars was in one

With added yarn porn: STR in Scottish Highlands (I am soo lucky- thanks Laurie)

and the second was some great stitch markers and row counters from Cristi- I am a lucky girl!!

Also if anyone has a spare Winter Ik (yep its that (begging) time of year again) I would love to take it off your hands.

Knitting wise- I frogged the anastacia socks and have reknitted the toe, and as the storyteller socks are for my sockret pal they will not be photographed, but i am onto the foot of the first one. Also it is exam time of year so knitting updates and blogging will be put on the backburner till after my birthday (which is also the day of my last exam)


WoolieBagLady said...

Hi Kate!

Good luck on your exams. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY too! :)

Those row counters look interesting ... how do they work??


turtlegirl76 said...

Yay! You got them! I was wondering how long it would take them to go through the mail.

Batty said...

Those are very pretty stitch markers/row counters. And the socks! Who cares if you're out of the sock war, you end up with gorgeous, gorgeous socks!

Bobbi said...

Wow everything looks great, the socks, the yarn, the markers and counters. You're one lucky girl!

QwerLL said...


Anonymous said...


mf said...

Great way to go down!! Lucky you.