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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Finally Something to Blog about!

A long time between drinks, it has been. But due to a finished object, and an extension on my university assignment I can blog. I finally finished my Mystery Socks for the KAL (see button on sidebar). Now I must admit they were not a favourite to knit, but I like them now they are finished.!!

So that concludes item no 2 on my socktober list.
socks no 1 has one finished, and one up to the heel flap.

absolutely no other knitting to report. Its been a no-knitting-must-study week here at home and unfortunately is going to be that way for about another month. Then uni is over for the year and I can knit all I want!

BTW: Apparently I am still alive in Sock Wars- Wow who would of guessed!


turtlegirl76 said...

I love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Cool socks....
I haven't forgotten you.
Secret mom

Batty said...

I'm liking those a lot! Not usually an orange person, but those are very, very nice socks.