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Saturday, July 02, 2005

I'm Off

Ok so Its been a while since I posted. The reason- I am about to embark on my grand tour of Europe. I leave on Monday and my schedule (subject to fits of indecision and change) is:
5 July- Vienna
8 July- Budapest (with a few days on the island of Kirk in Croatia)
18 July- Krakow
22 July- Warsaw
25 July- Berlin
29 July- Prague
2 Aug- Venice
6 Aug- Rome
10 Aug- Florence
13 Aug- Paris
16 Aug - Land in LONDON

So I have been busy getting ready to go, hence not much knitting at all. I did finish my shrug (and have worn it) but as I have no digital camera till Monday - no pics of it. (sorry).

Anyway will post from far away places............................


Secret Pal said...

You are going to Rome too?
On the small and cute piazza San' Eustachio, you will find a coffee house - have a coffee there, it's the best in Rome.
Then go to “La tazza d’oro” (on Via degli Orfani, on the corner, Piazza della Rotonda), where you can have a coffee with crushed ice and whipped cream (granita di caffe' con panna).
For ice-cream, go to “Giolitti” (on via Uffici del Vicario, near Piazza Montecitorio). At Giolitti, there is large selection of flavors to choose from, and on a hot summer's afternoon, a billion people fighting their way to the counter. But be persistent, it's worth it!

Deb said...

Hi there! It's me--the other end of the secret pal:) I had to come out to say thank you so much for the lovely yarn! And now I can watch your trip progress!!
I have spent some time in Italy myself. My favorite place. Rome is soooo wonderful. I have been to both places your pal is talking about. Also, try to eat at D'Orso 80 (it's also the address). The menu is all antipasti that they place on your table in bowls and platters. You are charged for whatever you served yourself from the bowls. yummmmmmm

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